I have been to two developer conferences in the past month and it got me thinking. First of all, I’m a .NET developer so I went to Microsoft Tech Days in Stockholm where I live. TechDays was a lot better than in previous years and it didn’t feel as much as a Microsoft advertisement venue as before. There were many really inspiring speakers who taught us how to use the latest Microsoft technology.

I am now typing this on the train home from Malmö, where I spent the last week on another developer conference: Øredev. I feel inspired after this experience, trying to manage the plethora of thoughts and ideas circulating in my head. The theme was “Next Gen” and they definitely stayed true to that. It was refreshing to listen to talks about the future, I feel it lit a spark in me that I haven’t seen in a long time. I feel excited about the future, I want to explore the technical possibilities of blockchain technology. I want to see how I can enhance applications with AI. I am finally excited about .NET Core, it feels like Microsoft got it right with .NET Standard this time around.

My point being, it is worth the time and energy to go to a developer conference once in a while and Øredev surpassed all my expecations. I can not wait to see what this inspires me to do in the near future.